Everyone has their own way of going about everyday life. The Brute Supply is here to guide & give insight into the world of individual style, denim culture, sustainability, and well...pretty much anything I see fit for the style conscious person.

With a passion, or a slightly minute obsession for hardwearing rugged clothing, The Brute Supply started out as a means of self expression. In simple terms, I decided to share what I wear via Instagram. Images would mainly consist of high quality timeless clothing that is practical for the everyday gent. I’m selective in the garments I invest in, and I thoroughly believe in each and every brand I wear.

Roaming in the realm of ruggedness, The Brute Supply is fixated on primarily denim, workwear, and post-heritage sub-culture brands.  

The Brute Supply.

The Brute Supply has been an incredible journey so far. As small as it may seem, it has opened up great opportunities for me that may have never been possible if it did not exist. Outside of The Brute Supply I’m a creative strategist by profession. In non businessy marketing jargonish terms, this basically means I work with brands to conjure up ideas on how to communicate their message. In a nutshell, It’s content marketing & brand strategy.

Whether this be through written, image, video, audio or experiential. I help brands document, create and distribute content through digital mediums.


and I absolutely Fuck*ng love it.


What started out as a personal Instagram project just over a year ago, has now evolved into something a bit more. I’m able to use my professional skills to help niche brands in the retail sector. By just putting myself out there, giving absolutely no fu*ks , and trusting my gut, i’ve become more and more intertwined with an awesome community of likeminded dudes and dudettes. Through doing so, i’ve had the pleasure of meeting some great people who have taken me on to collaborate and create with them.

The Brute Supply will always be, a documentation of passion for true style and authenticity. Coming from an individuals perspective, in a distinct tone, and open minded manner.

What was once (and still is):
- Post-Heritage Style - Menswear - Lifestyle - Denim -

Is now:

- Content - Brand  - Digital - Production - Strategy -

"The Brute Supply Is a digital and social publication for the community of people who like to get life done with a bit of style"