Blue Blooded: Denim - Fades

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Welcome back to another journal entry at @thebrutesupplyco , It'll be just a quick bit of info for you all this evening.

On the 17th February 2018 I kicked off my denim fades journey.
I'll be wearing The Pike Brothers 1963 11oz Roamer Jeans as much as possible over the next year. 

You'll be able to find the documentation of my fades story on here. There will be garment updates, natural fade images and probably a few details about what I've been up to whilst wearing the well-made jeans.

In the images featured below, you can see myself and a good friend of mine Tomas (Concrete Matter Founder) both wearing the 1963 Roamer Jeans. 
I'm rocking the slightly rigid brand new pair - Tomas is supporting a nicely broken in version.

I guess Let's see what The Pike Brothers denim has to offer 

Denim details

- 11 ounce of raw denim (100% cotton) with selvedge
- Heavy honey-colored thread for stitches
- Low waist and tight fit with button closure. 
- Strong stitching at end of hems, belt loops, and pouches
- D-ring for possible pocket watch chain attachment. 



selvedge denim
Denim dudes in amsterdam
selvedge denim details
Raw Denim