Kerbside & Co x The Brute Supply - Part 1

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What's up people, I hope you're well and having a cracking week. 
Today I'll be getting stuck into the brand we all may, or may not know as Kerbside & Co. 

I've had the pleasure of teaming up with the Kerbside family and pulling together some bits about the brand and a couple of their quality made goods. This is a three-part set of micro-blogs that I'm looking forward to sharing with you, although I have to be honest, It would have been a two-parter if I managed to measure myself up properly. I'm not the best when it comes to numbers and It's looking like I wear a different size jean depending on the brand, so It all went a bit doolally and picked out the wrong size of jeans for the guys at Kerbside team to ship me.

Japanese Selvedge Denim

The world of denim can be a pretty overwhelming and daunting place at times, especially when it comes to looking at brands, cuts, detailing, twills, prices and so on... As I'm still at the start of my denim journey and exploring different brands and products that slot into my own style, I thought I'd keep it simple and deep dive into a young brand that I've built up a relationship with over the past months such as Kerbside & Co.
I've previously focused on brands such as the well known Pike Brothers and Amsterdam based vintage emporium, Concrete Matter. The following write up comes from a new perspective, as it will be my first insight into my own new pair of Japanese Selvedge denim from further a field.

The first detail that caught my eye when taking the denim out of the package was the slubby nature of the garment. Some say most denim lovers are into their smoother and flatter fabrics, I beg to differ when it comes to a pair of jeans like this. I'm no pro, but I've felt enough denim products over the past 5 months to know when I have my hands on something that I really like.
02 Blog Lot 81-01 slubs.jpg

Anyhow, as I mentioned earlier, I messed up my sizing so I'll be continuing the write up on the LOT 81-01's in the coming weeks when I can comfortably get into a bigger size. As things are on hold for now, I'll get started on one of my favorite additions to my wardrobe, The very robust Olive Canvas Shorts. The shorts are called "The Scout", their construction feels solid and well crafted. They're comfy and sit well on the waist, they have a variety of canvas lined pockets that are stylishly functional (basically you can hold your wallet, phone, keys and still be comfortable. (without the shorts tightening up around the thighs). The seams are triple stitched for garment reinforcement and feature as a neat detail for aesthetics, the pockets are well designed with the seams bringing out the utilitarian design of the shorts in subtle style.

Canvas utilkity shorts olive green

How to style

Luckily the sun's been shining for the past two weeks, so I've pretty much worn the shorts every day. The transition from functional morning cycle commute clothing and then into the office environment is pretty smooth. It may seem a bit strange to say how a pair of shorts can transition from cycle into workplace, but the comfort factor of the shorts is second to none, and can easily be coupled up with a casual single-colour button-down shirt. These shorts were made for both woodland exploring and the vibrant city lifestyle.

The Brute Supply Co Canvas Shorts Kerbside & Co
I thought it would be a good idea to test them out whilst skateboarding about the city and then into a social setting. All in all, an all round good result, I can see myself wearing these for most of the Spring Summer months.

In true brute style, I'm a firm believer in hardwearing stylish goods, and the guys at Kerbside & Co are onto something. I look forward to building on top of my already awesome relationship with the team and seeing what they have to offer in the near future. 

Once again cheers for tuning in, have a goodn



Olive Green Utility Shorts Kerbside & co