001 - Purification - Speed n Style

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Hello People,

Thanks for stopping by The Brute Supply once again to tune into whatever springs to mind. Although to be fair, as I sit here sipping on a strong coffee in some good selvedge denim staring out my apartment window, I believe this time around I've got something pretty damn cool to share with you.  

The last time I had a new bike was probably when I was about 11. I can only recall ever owning three bikes in my lifetime; the first was that one that comes pre-made, stabilizers attached and some rad flames on the frame, I remember growing out of it and pretending it was a BMX whilst riding it about...it was far from a BMX.
The second bike I managed to get my hands on was an all black mountain bike that I rode into the ground during my early teens, and then I made the move to Amsterdam and got myself a pretty decent looking old skool city rust bucket. It ended up costing me a fortune in repairs and new parts. The geeza that sold it to me had cheaply replaced all the parts with plastic or other very old parts.

So why is this journal entry called purification?
Well, at the beginning of May I had an exciting career change that involved a longer cycle to the office. I believed I would need a new set of wheels to get me from A to B without breaking down halfway through the journey. I'd never been too into cycling as a sport, but I'd always like to cycle about in style to get from place to place. I knew I wanted to make my journeys faster so I could be more efficient throughout my days. I felt the word purification summed up the experience I'm having whilst riding a Pure Cycles bike, It's almost as if I'm cleaning up my journey to gain more time for other endeavours.
As a fan and long-time follower of the Pure Cycles brand, I thought I'd reach out and see how we could collaborate... The rest is history.

pure cycles veleta road bike

The Veleta

To start off with, I had to put the bike together (a short video of the build is currently in production) Once I had built the Veleta, I wheeled the cycle outside and immediately went from a long city ride to test out how she responded to the streets of Amsterdam.
It took about 5 minutes before I got my bearings on the bike and started to feel comfortable. I started by getting to grips with how the gears reacted when changing them, the quality of the breaks, the ride comfort, body position and the maneuverability of the bike itself.    

It's tough to compare the Veleta to any other road bike, as I've never owned one before, and only ever taken a few mates road bikes for a spin in the past. After one ride I was feeling good, I felt the ride was decent, and I got around pretty quickly.

Now writing this after 5 days of experiencing the Veleta, I'm seeing a whole new level of city riding.

The speed is awesome, I'm whizzing through the city and handling some of the not-so-smooth bike paths and roads with no problem at all. I used my most recent city adventure as a good opportunity to test out the Veletas ability to respond quickly to my movement. Whilst cycling through a packed tourist-heavy Amsterdam, I was able to make decisions quickly and switch up my route with ease. The light frame and comfortable handlebars make for a sturdy but athletic feeling when making adjustments. I cruised over to my trusty bike store Provelo, located on Haarlemmerdijk, Amsterdam. The overall bike review was solid, a strong frame to crush the streets of Amsterdam, good tires, a sweet gear set up, and a great starter platform to build on if any customisations are needed.

I stopped at Lot Sixty One for the staple extra hot cappuccino (up there with one of the best in the city) and bumped into some friends, their first reactions to the Veleta were;

Is it old? is it new? when was this bike made? it looks a bit of both.

This is the exact thought I had when checking out the bike online. It's a bit of vintage classic and new tech but together in one stylish build. Props to the guys out in LA for producing such a fine looking cycle.

Next up I'll be talking Pure Style
(Cycling in Denim - Utility - Comfort)


Gliding in style is the only way to describe the feeling when cruising about on the Veleta.

pure cycles veleta road bike
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pure cycles road bike veleta
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