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The Culture of Culture: Denim Through and Through

Once again I've been lucky enough to have a short feature in the third instalment of the HUMAN Magazine. If you've been following along with my previous Instagram content, I've shared links to Issue 1: The Power of Advocacy & Issue 2: What purpose is purpose (sustainability)

Issue 3 is all about The Culture of Culture. It sounds a little bit strange when you put it like that, but you may ask yourself, what is the culture of culture and what does it mean.
Well, as always, I like to keep things simple and interpret them in my own way.

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Kerbside & Co - LOT 81-01 - Part 2

I travelled a fair bit for the next 18 months and at the end of it, had to decide if I wanted to pursue something that I have put on the backburner or go back to doing a job that has become unfulfilling. You can guess which path I took. A few months later, a bunch of denim rolls ordered from the U.S. arrived and due process started.

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Kerbside & Co x The Brute Supply - Part 1

The first detail that caught my eye when taking the denim out of the package was the slubby nature of the garment. Some say most denim lovers are into their smoother and flatter fabrics, I beg to differ when it comes to a pair of jeans like this. I'm no pro, but I've felt enough denim products over the past 5 months to know when I have my hands on something that I really like.

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The Essential Boot for Men - The Red Wing Classic Moc Toe Oro Legacy

The Essential Boot for Men - The Red Wing Classic Moc Toe Oro Legacy | I thought it would be best to kick off The Brute Supply Co journal in the simplest of ways. The Red Wing 875 Classic Moc Toes in Oro-legacy have had a huge impact on the rugged style community. Boots have become an essential element in menswear and an expression of personal style. Wearing the classic 6" Red Wing Moc Toes with a robust stylish pair of selvedge jeans can go a long way in the eyes of a true workwear-nut.

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