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The Material Mindset 

Responsible Consumption and Production - "Sustainable consumption and production is about promoting resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, and providing access to basic services, green and decent jobs and a better quality of life for all" - United Nations

So what does this all mean for our communities...Well, I can be sure to tell you, the Denim, Workwear, Vintage, and Post-heritage style communities have been on the bandwagon since day one. 

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The Pike Brothers - Authentic Outdoor & Workwear

It all started back in 1930 on Portobello Road located in Notting Hill London. A place close to my heart, and of course well known for its famous markets.  The Pike Brothers have built a true heritage inspired brand. The image reel above is a few of my personal favorites from their timeless selection of quality goods. 

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The Perfect Shirt

The Perfect Shirt | Most folks think flannel is just another word for a chequered shirt, or in other words a lumberjack looking bit cloth. Flannel is a versatile fabric with a history that stretches back hundreds of years. Before the likes of Beckham, McQueen, and Cobain, flannel shirts were built for a purpose. Workers who found themselves facing the elements on a regular basis looked to the flannel shirt as a go-to layer. 

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The Essential Boot for Men - The Red Wing Classic Moc Toe Oro Legacy

The Essential Boot for Men - The Red Wing Classic Moc Toe Oro Legacy | I thought it would be best to kick off The Brute Supply Co journal in the simplest of ways. The Red Wing 875 Classic Moc Toes in Oro-legacy have had a huge impact on the rugged style community. Boots have become an essential element in menswear and an expression of personal style. Wearing the classic 6" Red Wing Moc Toes with a robust stylish pair of selvedge jeans can go a long way in the eyes of a true workwear-nut.

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