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As I'm pretty new to this whole documenting malarky and have been contemplating even starting something online, I thought I'd give you a little inside info about myself.


To be fair i'm pretty far from the word brute, although I think it's a solid word to describe the nature of this so called blog/digital publication

To start off with, I really feel everyone is entitled to having their own style opinions and way about life. Finding ones own style and way of doing things doesn't happen over night.

I’ve been through a fair few apparel phases throughout the last few years, and they have always had one thing in common, simplicity.

Boots, flannels, good denim, plain tees, and a fresh pair of sneakers have always been staple elements of my wardrobe. Old or new, I’ve always enjoyed combining different items of clothing to express my style.

Don't forget, The Brute Supply Co isn't just about fashion. I'll be documenting and sharing a fair few different subject areas with you each week...or well, as long as this goes on for 😂
As well as a bit of style, you can expect a few movie reviews, some stuff dedicated to human fuel (coffee), product edits and a little bit of adventure.

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As a kid growing up I was taught how to be efficient and keep things to a minimal, I think this was my parent's way of keeping me from being confused…Cheers Mum n Dad.

I feel my style was heavily influenced by my parents from a young age, and I was always taught to look for things that last. This meant they were to be of a certain hard wearing quality and comfy fit. I’m guessing this had nothing to do with style and was probably more of a financial safety net for my parents, not having to keep buying new clothes for me only so I could wreck and stain them. 

It's always occurred to me that my Dad always valued his apparel and seemed to be fascinated by his denim and shirts. I also recall my late grandad once walking around the family home with a strong cup of tea in his hand and muttering something aggressively under his breath. He seemed pretty pissed off. I asked him what was up, he replied;

"That bloody horse I backed came 4th, and I should have bought that Fuck*ng denim factory years ago"

I was only young but now I can see why he was so pissed. He probably wouldn't have had to keep putting a few quid on the horses if he'd took the opportunity when it cropped up. To be fair this must have have been around 50 years ago. 

Now looking back, my passion for the clothing industry could have something to do with the family being in the old skool classic rag trade. 
I was a bit of a tyke back in the day, especially on rainy Sunday afternoons when there was nothing to do apart from terrorising my sisters. My dad knew exactly how to keep the little Brute at bay, we’d sit down together and watch one of his favourite action/crime movies he had recorded from the TV to VHS tape. They usually consisted of films such as James Bond, The Italian Job, and Steve McQueen's Bullitt

To be fair, thanks to him my style gene was born, my love for film and photography was amplified, and my passion for just damn cool stuff was brought to light.

The Italian Job 1969 Michael Caine

I like to believe I have my own style, there is no right or wrong way to wear something so I usually pull a few things together and see what works best. (Secretly I know what I want the outfit to look like)

As I’ve matured, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to style-out a few different looks. I’ve always looked to style icons such as McQueen, Bond, Newman and Nicholson for a more ‘Me’ casual bit of outfit inspiration. 

As I like to keep things fresh and not limit myself to one continuous look, I’m always pulling different bits of style from various artists and movements I’m interested in. 

Depending on the occasion or the day of the week, you’ll most likely find me in my Red Wings, a good bit of denim, a loose plain t-shirt, accompanied by a hard wearing workwear style jacket….(With a hint of something vintage) Oh, and you'll always find a flannel shirt within close proximity.

If I’m not in my usual classic mode, then I’ll be wearing something a little bit more skate inspired, and of course a pair of my beloved Vans. 

Well, I think that's enough about me for one edit...or even for a few months. 

Cheers once again for tuning in to The Brute Supply Journal,  I hope to catch you back here for next weeks feature. It could be something along the lines of a heavyweight Fishermans Jacket, my beloved Vintage Carhartt Dungarees or a short movie review.

Until Then


ML The Brute Supply Co