The Essential Boot for Men - The Red Wing Classic Moc Toe Oro Legacy

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I thought it would be best to kick off The Brute Supply Co journal in the simplest of ways. The Red Wing Shoes 875 Classic Moc Toe in Oro-legacy is a Classic Red Wing Shoes Mocassin style and is made in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Boots have become an essential element in menswear and an expression of personal style. Wearing the classic 6" Red Wing Moc Toes with a robust stylish pair of Selvedge jeans can go a long way in the eyes of a true workwear-nut. It somewhat shows you're interested in high-quality apparel and a casual hit of effortless style. 

Classic Red Wing Shoes Moc Toe Oro Legacy 875 6"

The boot trend stretches far and wide, places such as Japan, the USA, the U.K., Indonesia, Malaysia, and Korea specialise in hard wearing workwear style clothing, and they pride themselves in their boot and denim selection.

Classic Red Wing Shoes Moc Toe Oro Legacy 875 6"

So why is the boot trend so popular all year round?
Who are the style icons when it comes to rugged boot wearing? 
From my own perspective, I see it as a staple choice whether it be a casual or a formal occasion. Depending on the type of activities I've got lined up for the day, I'll most likely make a strategic style choice on what type of boot I'd wear. If it's one of those more unpredictable spontaneous days, I'd stick to my gut and slip on the 6" Moc Toes. 
As a rough estimate I'd say I probably wear my Red Wings 250 days of the 365.

Style + Functionality = Boot Selection

Classic Red Wing Shoes Moc Toe Oro Legacy 875 6"

A few iconic gents from the past and present have had a significant influence on the style itself, such as Steve McQueen, Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy, and many well known actors and musicians alike. They're all key figures in todays rugged workwear boot and quality goods community.
The Red Wing 877s launched in 1952, to this day they continue to be a popular choice with workers and hunters. McQueen himself used the boots for motorbike racing and introduced this practical and rugged style of footwear to a whole new audience.

steve mcqueen red wing moc toe boots

If I were to only be allowed one set of shoes on my feet for the rest of my life, it would be Red Wing Shoes

How to wear them

As a believer in wearing what makes you feel comfortable and you will automatically look and feel stylish, I would keep things simple just as I've done in the images throughout the journal entry. The classic 875s and some tough selvedge denim accompanied by a loose plain white tee should do the trick.
I like to keep my outfit rotations pretty simple, usually with one or two core items taking centre stage. These products would usually come in the form of a strong workwear jacket, a loose straight leg chino or a different style boot/shoe.

Mixing vintage and newer products alway seems to have nice collaborative effect.

Thanks for taking the time out to tune in on my first editorial,
In the next few weeks I'll be talking denim, glasses, the fisherman's coat, the road to a new camera and the interesting subject of  plain t-shirts.


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