The Fisherman

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I've got a bit more of a visual piece in this instalment, I hope you enjoy a brief history and a few images of the well known Fisherman's Coat. 

Seeming as I've been plastering @thebrutesupplyco Instagram with multiple pictures of a very well made 1950's inspired Fishermans Coat, I thought it would only be right to whip up a short editorial.

the fisherman rain coat

I managed to get my hands on an absolute corker of a jacket. The Fishermans Coat seen in the images designed and produced by the well know @pikebrotherscompany is a classic necessity for any style lover who faces extreme wet weather on a regular basis. (aka myself and many other good friends of mine)

I hope all the London, Amsterdam and New York folk are paying close attention...when I say extreme weather, I do genuinely mean the incredible amounts of precipitation that has a habit of falling from the sky every single day. But, I shall not complain, as I secretly like bad weather. It gives us more reason to wear stylish winter jackets, tough denim, extra layers and quality outerwear. 

classic fisherman's coat the pike brothers company

The simplicity of the 1950's inspired offshore coat doesn't really have much to it in terms of engineering. If we look back at how waterproof clothing came about, it all started with native spearfishing and survival. Tribes and colonies had to find ways to stay dry whilst fishing for their villages. The dryer the fisherman the longer he could fish for. Waterproofing stems from man's necessities, and how he is to successfully enhance his lifestyle. There's a little bit of The Brute Supply ethos embedded in some history here. It's always going to be quality over quantity, tougher / hardwearing quality goods will last longer, wear better and have stories to tell. Quality goods are made in a different way to the more common fast fashion product, the time and care put into making a solid bit of clothing really does show and is 100% noticeable when worn. Yes they may be more expensive to buy but it's more of a life investment, especially when talking about quality denim.

Anyway, I think we sidetracked a little there. Too many emotions involved when it comes to quality goods. Back to our heavyweight Fisherman's Coat

In South America people discovered that tree rubber was able to repel liquid, so they started to line their clothes and shoes to keep water out. Animal furs are also naturally water resistant, they also retain insulating properties when wet, therefore they were used when in need of protection from the elements.

classic rain coat the pike brothers company

The modern day fisherman coat

Jumping ahead a few hundred years and voila, we have a super waterproof coat that is commonly used by fisherman to this very day. The Gore-Tex revolution is what we can be thankful for when wearing any kind of waterproof clothing, although, much of it is rather unattractive. 


The Pike Brothers have created what I would call the perfect storm of a coat. It looks awesome, keeps you 100% dry (I've had the pleasure of testing this out myself) and is completely breathable. The fine details are key to the appearance of the jacket, it's oversized zipper is easy to use and has little chance of getting caught on peripheral materials, and there's a hand pocket placed just on the left upper chest for convenience. 

The jacket oozes heritage and can clearly be noted down as an iconic silhouette. It's not for everyone but I wouldn't judge before you've tried it on.  

One thing in particular I like about The Fisherman's Coat is that even though it's quite an unusual colour, I feel I could wear it with a variety of styles. I've gone for a more chilled out vintage look in the pictures featured, although I would happily wear the coat with a more casual/formal boot, black selvedge denim and some sort of cable knit sweater. It really can be styled with anything, I guess it depends on the occasion.

Anyway, I think thats enough from me today

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