The Word Brute?

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out The Brute Supply Co. 

So what's it all about?

- Style - Menswear - Functionality - Adventure - Film - Tech -

When I hear the word Brute, the first thing that comes to mind is the big bad guy the head honcho villain in a movie usually hires to get a job done. Tending to be the same guy that the hero has to dispose of before he gets a shot at the boss. It kind of reminds me of Dave Batistas role as Hinx in 007s Spectre. 

Well in this case, it’s a little different

The Brute Supply Co is basically a micro-publication about me being a lifestyle enthusiasts, my appreciation for hard wearing vintage inspired apparel, and sharing my perspective on things I think are just damn cool.
I've documented the content in a simple way, using video and images to tell the stories of each specialist category I'll be featuring on my channels.

I may even slip in a few feature sections about myself along the way, giving you an insight to where get all my inspiration from.

Be sure to keep tabs on here as, each week I'll be posting a fresh piece of content on the journal. It could be anything from a fashion editorial, a recent movie watched, a piece of tech, somewhere I've been or behind the scenes of content I've produced.
You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook sharing my journey with you on a daily basis. 

Next week we have a simple take on the Red Wing 875s 6" Classic Moc Toe Oro Legacy

Throughout I'll try and educate as much as possible, and make a few recommendations along the way   

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed browsing the new site as much as I did creating it.


The Brute Supply Co.